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Friday, January 24, 2014

Romantic Rose Letter by Angelic Pretty

Hi everyone! ♥
Today i want to chat a little about the new release of Angelic Pretty!
The dresses will come out tomorrow and I'm so curious to see how fast this print will go soldout! *^*
I ask to a shopping service to buy me the lavender one and a pair of ivory socks. I'm so nervous, it's the first time I use a ss for a new release.. I was so undecided about what jsk buy, but in the end I decided to go for the more versatile one.. The top one has super cute mini-sleeves but IMO more difficult to coordinate. I'll hunt for it surely from the next month! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Loli Loli Paradise Review

Hello everyone! This time I want to review the shopping service for taobao called Loli Loli Paradise!
I ordered a coat from Chess Story, but I wanna make the review for this item when I have at least one decent picture!
- 22 November 13 ~ I emailed her about the coat, if is still avaiable and about the color of the fake fur. She replied me after one minute
- 23 November 13 ~ I emailed her asking if she can invoiced me for the coat and 2 pair of socks.
- 25 November 13 ~ She wrote me one pair of socks was sold out and the qoute for the rest. I wrote the exactly size I need and tell her I'm ready to pay!
 - 28 November 13 ~ She invoiced me and I paid immediatly. She told me the coat needed 8-10 days to be made.
 - 8 December 13 ~ She wrote me the package was ready to sent, but the tights I wanted was sold out. She told me she'll refund me and sent me a free pair of similar one. Later I ask her if the package has a track number and she reply it has.
- 12 December 13 ~ I asked if the package was already sent and she reply with the track.
- 23 December 13 ~ The package reach Italy Finally!
- 13 Jenuary 14 ~ Finally in my hand, shame on you customs!

Overall conclusion:
The service was quite good, nothing bad to say and no problem when ordering.
my package staied in customs for loooo~ng time, but I didn't have to pay anything as she marked the price low to 20$ and as a gift.
Her fee for some items is low than clobba or qutieland, so I raccomended her service only after check all prices by every shopping service!
Soon, my review of Chess Story Coat and Angelic Pretty Lacy princess jumper skirt (50%off ^--^)
See ya!