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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lockshop Luckypack review - the sad story of my misfortune and how they fill my pack with discounted items nobody else wanted

Hi everyone!
This is the really sad story about my misfortune and how my "lucky"pack was a disappointment.
First of all, shipping was super fast and super precise, nothing to say about it!
As I said few post before, I chose "Surprise me" option, but I meant not in negative way!!
3 of 4 items was one on sale on the site.. Quite unfair IMHO
So what I found?

The only thing I like is the Rosenrot Tights - Royal Ribbon even if is quite eccentric for my usual taste,
The cascade with that awful bangs.. brrr!
The other 2 items aren't so bad, but I don't like them anyway! Everything but the Mermaid is on sale on the site.. To me it seems like they want to get rid of this "no-one-wants-item" putting them in the pack.. Alternatively I'm really the unluckiest person in the world!
And also the nacklace arrived broken..
The wigs are for sale, 18 € each plus ss and pp fee and the necklace 5 € + ss and pp fee
I really hope to find a new home for this babies!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 9 ~ 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Hello everyone!
Can a style be simplified in only 5 words? To be honest it was difficult for me to reach five keywords, but these are the ones I chose!

♥ ~ Minimalist
Am I serious?! How can be lolita minimalist? XD I know is a contradiction, but I really don't wear ott. I like it so much but I can't see on me!

♥ ~ Floral
Flower everywhere!! If the print of the dress hasn't flowers, I use them anyway in my hair!!

♥ ~ Pink
I love everything is pink! There is always one touch of this color in my outfit!

♥ ~ Single-brand
Is this an adjective? :D AP rulez!

♥ ~ Unpretentious
I know it's quite similar to the first point, but I prefer to keep my outfit "low profile". I feel more comfortable in it!

See ya next week for the Challenge and stay online, tomorrow I'll post my Lockshop luckypack review!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 8 ~ Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

Good morning everyone!

These are the few reasons I don't wear lolita more often:

1~ Laziness
I'm always in rush and a lolita outfit needs time to be prepared! makeup, accessorizes, many layers!
2~ Mood
I need to be in the mood for clothes, if I put on random stuff I don't feel good with myself and become paranoid!
3~ Work
I can get dirty when I work so ruin my beloved and expensive lolita pieces is a suicide!
4~ Self confidence
Some days (as everyone I think) I feel horrible!! :D and don't feel to wear frills and bows!
These are in short the my reasons!

See ya next week!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My May little shopping! Manic Panic, Socks and Lockshop Luckypack!

Hello guys!
This beginning month I bought few things I want to share with you!
The most important are Manic Panic hair dye!
Cotton Candy Pink and Bad Boy Blue will be pastel-ized on my hair soon!! I'm so excited!!
I want an effect like this ("after" obviously!) with blue instead of purple more or less, because my hair aren't long like this!

Another purchase was a pair of thigh from Bodyline (taobao actually!) for 2 euros, because shipping was free!! They arrive today so I didn't try it already! [here]

Someone of you have them? I hope they fit well!

And for last, today I bought a Lockshop Luckypack!
I choose "surprise me" option!
 I wonder what will I receive!! With the fortune I have, I really hope ones that I don't have already!!
I'm curious about others pack! If you have it, link in comment!! XD

See ya!

Friday, May 16, 2014

LBC: Your favorite three pairs of shoes for Lolita

Good Friday to everyone!!
Today for Lolita Blog Carnival I'm gonna show you my three favorite lolita shoes!

Start by saying that I love shoes! Every kind, with every heels, in every material!
But let's start!

1~ Teaparty shoes
I want them in every color but pink matches with all my closet so I bought this color first! I think teaparty go with every style, even classic and gothic sometimes. They are so comfy, the heels are the right height for a walk, not too low, not too high.
As you can see, mine are by secretshop, but I hope to be able to buy the original one by Angelic Pretty!

2~Bodyline 274
Best Bodyline shoes ever! As well as being comfortable, they are very well made! Never thought the quality of this pair was this level! As usual, I want in others colors! Anyway, you can read my review [here]

3~ Jewel Ribbon
The quality of AP shoes is amazing, especially compared to the other ones! However, I bought them for RRL and I'm so happy that now they matches my incoming Sweetie Violet because they are my only dresses that have lavender in the print! You can read the review [here], there is also a pic worn! Did I already say I want to buy other colors for this one too? :D
Thanks a lot for reading my post
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 7 ~ Why I wear Lolita?

Hello everyone!
This week the question is: Why I wear Lolita?
It's simple, it makes me feel pretty!
Normally, when a girl grows up, she wants to be sexy or attractive. Cute or pretty are usually used for little girls, but I love to feel that way! And also, this fashion is so special and rare, it's really difficult find another person with your same dress!!
And every dress is so special, they have wonderful details, soft fabrics, lovely prints, exclusive lace!
Every brand is different, you can recognize it only looking the dress!
And another reason I love lolita is that it's funny and colorful! It's possible to mix styles and pattern, and change drastically the look of an outfit changing only the blouse and shoes!

The real question should be this:
Why shouldn't I wear lolita?

See you next week with the challenge!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Disney Coordinates!

Hello everyone!
This is my first entry for LBC and I'm so excited!!

I choose for Disney Coordinates Cinderella! I really loved her, I knew the movie by heart!
There are a lot of prints about her fairytale, as almost all the Princesses, but I prefer a solid sax dress as she has!
Btssb has more princely dress, but my fav brand is AP so I'll try to make a coord with their dresses!
Let's start with the dress! 
Nostalgic Doll OP
This dress seems really soft! Chiffon dresses are the best and is delicate like Cinderella!

Shoes should be made by crystal, but let's pretend this white sandals are made of it!
Princess Pearl Sandals
Glittery Ribbon Head Bow

To be honest Cinderella has only the headband and the choker but I want to make a full lolita coord! So..
Sparkle Heart Shoulder Bag
Lacy Rose Otk - good stock photo AP, so good! :P
Day Dream Carnival Ribbon Choker
Day Dream Carnival Ring
Princess Victoria Wrist Cuffs 

Here we are! This is my simple Cinderella Outfit! I don't like OTT coord and Cinderella is so simple for one of it!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 6 ~ My favorite Lolita brand

So easy this week!

is absolutely my fav brand!
Almost all my wardrobe is AP and, because this year they made a lot of beautiful dresses, their pieces will be added to my closet surely!
from their website "brand concept"

I love how they use laces and bows and their prints are always rich and precious!

Tokyo "head"shop
I really hope to get the chance one day to visit their shops! Unfortunately, when I went in Paris this year, their shop there was already closed :((
But they told that on July they will open a temporary shop, always in Paris! I hope to have the possibility to go!! *finger crossed* [here the news]

Currently my dream dress is Sweetie Violet (as I said few posts before) but I'm happy to say that my obsession has subsided!
If you wanna see my wishlist you can click HERE and if you have something for sale don't hesitate to contact me!!