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Monday, March 31, 2014

Reaching a dream dress ♥

Good Morning everyone!
Before leaving for Paris I won an auction on mbok.
It was one of my print dream dress: Little Birds Symphonya in sax! I remember when this print was released, that I fell in love with the sax jsk, but unfortunately this colorway there wasn't on international webshop. I didn't know how using a shopping service, so the dress escaped me!
I lost interest in it last year but when I finally saw on mbok I want to try to catch it!
It took a week for arrive! I used Chibi Tenshi service like for the Romantic Rose Letter!
I don't get customs taxes! yeah! Nina wants to check if it's alright! XD
Inside there is a GLB sheet! 
Inside the ems bag there was an AP bag!
And inside that, another bag! A closet Child one! I thought it was from the auction, because there was a side opened. Surely Chibi Tenshi checked it was the right dress!!
And ta-daah!
Cage details
First try with my baby blouse!!

This wig seems make my head super big! I hadn't make up so I put the strawberry mark, but without I was proportionate!

What do you think? I love this dress every minute more! ♥

Days 3 and 4 in Paris!

Wednesday was the fullest day of our trip! It was the day dedicated to the Louvre Museum, so, as the day before, we woke up early and went by metro.
There were a lot of people in row but when the museum opened we entered in really few minute.
The Louvre is really big! We spent all our morning visiting two of  three pavilions. I love paintings and sculptures but I have to admit we were quite tired. We decided to go out of the museum for lunch and return in the late afternoon.
We had a super quickly lunch and then went for a walk in Père Lachaise, the famous graveyard of Paris where are buried great personalities of the past.
After that, we went to Baby the Stars Shine Bright!
The prices were really high! Even the cheaper jsk was over 300 €! But go there and don't buy nothing was a pity! So I decided to try some blouse! I have already a white, ivory and black blouse so I wanted a pink one. The most gorgeous models were all in black, but in my wardrobe they don't fit at all! Helped by my mum, I finally decided what buy after tried 3 different style. All the items in the shops were absolutely adorable.. I love all Baby stuff except the jsks/ops! I know is strange, but but there it is!
With my super lovely blouse in my bag, we returned in Louvre. We visited half of the last pavilion, and than returned in the hotel for rest a while.
For dinner, we went near the Eiffel Tower. There were few people, probably because the tower was going to be closed. Anyway, it's really beautiful and suggestive with all those lights!

Thursday we spent all our time turning a bit in the places we already visited. We wanted to go to Versailles, but we were afraid to be late for the airplane, so we decided to stay near the hotel.
We didn't nothing special, I tried Chocolate and Vanilla macarons (?) and my mum bought a present for my sister. We visited Mont Matre again, because the day was wonderful!
And sadly it was time to come back..
My travelogue ends here.. I hope you find it least a little interesting!
Thanks for reading! ♥

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day two in Paris!

On Tuesday we went to the Musee d'Orsay! We got up fairly early, had breakfast and took the metro to get there.

We walked along the Seine (there was a lot of wind!) and when we arrived a looong row of people was already there! Were 10, but seemed that the museum was still closed.. and it was actually, in fact when they opened at 10,30 all the people broke the row and ran on the entry!
We were a little bit confused, but it's irritating to be passed by people get there later than you, so we ran to the entrance too! It' was quite funny to be honest and when we were inside we realized that we haven't pay the ticket! I would be entry without paying anyway, because for people that have less than 26 years living in the EU the entry was free!
So, we were in!
Impressionists are our favorite artists, we were so excited to be there! But we preferred to start from other sections and leave them for last!
Was forbidden to take pictures inside, but everyone did it anyway.. I'm the only one, I think, that left the camera in my bag and enjoy the museum. There were a lot of rude people, one man, for take a picture with the famous painting "Le déjeuner sur l'herbe" by Manet yelled to two woman for make them move away!
The view from the museum was amazing! This is the only picture I took inside, but no work of art has been involved or abused while shooting! XD

Once out, we went to Notre Dame, my absolutely favorite church! I really love the inside, even if normally I like Gothic style the most.

While we were inside, the sun came out! Finally!
Later, I convinced my mum to go to Princess Crepe! I was very curious to try one crepe, but once there, I didn't understand the menu, and I wasn't able tu order a crepe with fresh fruit!! XD So I choose one with Strawberry Cheescake!

Unfortunately there was a lot of wind so it was quite cold..
We walked some more, but nothing special to say about it! Our second day finished there, but our third day was really full!

See you soon! ♥

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day one in Paris ♥

Here I am! As promise, I'm gonna tell you something more about my trip in Paris!
We left home quite late, because we won't be tired the rest of the day.
When we arrive at the tollbooth in the morning, we paid 20 cents less, (The day started in the good way!) than we reach the airport quite quickly.
The air travel was super fast and the pilot made ​​an excellent landing, we haven't even noticed that the plane hit the ground!
Once in Paris, a sign told us that for that day the public transport were all free, because the pollution! So lucky!
Once arrived in hotel, we washed up our face, left our luggage and go out again! We decided to go to Montmartre firstly. The weather wasn's so good, unfortunately.. :(

After we went to Moulin Rouge and Pigalle area. The numerous sexyshops were as usual.. exaggerated! LOL!

After this, we went to Lafayette.. The most of the shops are so expensive and IMO even quite ugly!
The only part I loved was the toy section! I'm a huge fan of Sylvanian Family and Playmobile! I hoped to find a Hunger Games' Barbie but there were only the Divergent's ones.. :(

So.. Our first day ended here more or less.. Nothing more to say I think!
See you soon with Day 2!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Back from Paris

Hello everyone! How are you?
Yesterday night I came back from Paris! I'm going to write few words but surely later these days I'll post something else!
I didn't enjoy my journey as I expected.. The city was dirty and stinky, absolutely not romantic and magical as I remembered.. What a pity!
Anyway, I visited a lot of places and.. Baby! I know I was complained few days ago, but see the shop and all that brand stuff..
I did it! I bought a blouse! <3
My mum helped me to choose! I didn't imagine she was so exited to do this! <3
Anyway, I'll post some photos!
It's all for today!
See you soon guys! <3

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Packages arrived! Clobba (socks, hat and flower headband) and Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon Shoes review!

Hello everyone!
How are you? 2 Wednesday ago I received the 2 packages I was waiting, one from AP and one from Clobba.
I bought a pair of Ribbon Jewels shoes in lavender to match with my RRL and 2 pairs of socks, a flower hairpiece and a straw hat! The package from Clobba was actually stopped in their warehouse for long time because the straw hat'S seller was closed for the chinese new year!
I've bought from Clobba before, but this time the communication was awful.. Martin wrote me on Wednesday, I replied him  immediately after and he replied me back on Monday saying "sorry, replies on weekend are slow".. your weekends starts on Wednesday???!!
The package was wrapped in the usual polkadot plastic (red this time!)
The hat is quite good.. Obviously it's not real straw, but it's cute and the ribbon is fixed very well!
The flowers are flattened but nothing impossible ti fix. It's bigger than I expected and I don't know how wear it!
Socks are really gorgeous.. but the white pairs.. is ivory!! I needed a pure white one and it was a little disappointment.. but the print is too cute!

And here the shoes!

The package was well wrapped as usual!

There was a new shopper bag even here! And the cute sticker!

Let's open it!


Shoes were in little fabric bags, you can see them under the shoe!

They are really well made! It's my second pairs of brand shoes, but the first is by Baby and was second hand. The quality of this is much better anyway!
My problem is the size.. M ( Baby, and secret shop teaparties) is a little tight and L (Ribbon Jewels) is big! I can fix it with insoles but is unnerving..

I have to say that when I opened the box I thought that I made a mistake.. The color is darker than the dress, the size is big and it seems to me that they make my feet odd..
Here is a try.. What do you think?

I need advice!!