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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pinky Paradise Vassen Shinny Green review

Hi everyone! As promise, I'm going to write a review about my recent orders!
Let's start with Pinky Paradise circle lenses' Vassen Shinny Green
I bought them with prescription as I'm a mole! >A<

I choosed global mail 'cause there was a sale on this type of shipping.
I paid on 25th of september
It was shipped on 4th of October
I recieved it on 18th of October

It was a really little package, long about 20 cm
The lenses was wrapped in this foam
I recieved a pink fish lenscase (Uhg! A little ugly!! XD)
And here the little containers with the lenses! I've told you, I'm quite blind!
Soo~ let's try!

I was without makeup (A MONSTEEEEER! XD) and the light is not natural, so the color is not the true one , I'll make a best pic when finally stops raining!
I was feeling like an alien!

Anyway, they're so comfortable (but I use presc. lenses very often so maybe it's that the reason I feel them so comfy), so soft and color is wonderful. The prescription is perfect. they are exactly like my usual lenses.
Even if the first sight is quite shocking, with time they look so cute worn!

I highly recommend them! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boredom of Sunday

I really hate sunday, expecially when it rains.. Today is a boring day and I did nothing, I didn't play pokemon, Animal crossing, draw something..  I just read a few pages of my new pokèmon X&Y's guide book
The last three Sunday evening I bought something on the web (f+f shirt and petti, Harry Potter dvds, circle lenses) and even today I feel a strong urge to buy something, obviously Lolita related!

I'm looking for a skirt to coord with the f+f blouse, (I'll make a review about it when I can take good photo!) I'm thinkg about an high waist one like this
But I'm soooo~ insecure about it!
Some advice?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bodyline 274 shoes review

Today my bodyline shoes are finally arrived! I needed them last Saturday for a little Lolita contest, but custom take my package for 5 days.. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
I love pumps with low heels and this pair is absolutely lovely!

Unfortunately, I was able to take photo when the sun was already gone, so sorry for the bad light!
The package was fine. There was a little hole but nothing terrible!
I get the red box! Yeah! The box is perfect, no hole, no scratch.
And here the shoes finally!
The orange part is really soft! I think it's a news for bodyline shoes, cause I have two pairs and both haven't this!
They are so comfy and I'm thinking about buying in another color! The ribbon are symmetrical and without stain! I was so lucky!
They are really well made, if you think it's bodyline stuff!
And I paid a little less cause I used yen as value!
Thank you for reading! If you have question, here I am!
See you soon!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waiting for lolita stuff!

Today I've ordered few lolita stuff! I bought this pair of shoes from Bodyline in black
I really like these shoes from the first time I saw them! Actually, maybe I would be able to find a similar pair here in a local shop, but I want to try how to fit these ones.. I'm a little freak, I know! XD

Then, I bought this lovely blouse! I figured out that I hate peterpan collar or high collar, so this one is perfect! I hope it'll fit me well!
I really love puffy jsk or skirt so my next purchase was this HUGE petticoat! I really want to try this!
I'm waiting also for a pair of circle lenses I have ordered a week ago.
When all these things will arrive, I'm going to make a review, so stay tuned! ♥

Madoka figures!

Two week ago, me, my boy and my friends went to Fumettopoli, a comic fair.. Actually, it's amazingly small.. I went with the idea to buy absolutely a figures, but it seems to me that all prices were bigger then usually. I look for a cute figures everywhere.. My choices was between a Mawaru penguindrum figures (I found only two in all stand) and Puella Magi ones.. But I had few money with me so decided what to buy was extremely hard.. We were at the point to go away, when I decided to buy absolutely a figures.. On the last stand near the exit, I *finally* found this!
It cost 30 €, just the money I have in my pocket! It's a little bit expensive for me for a figures, but it's my first one and now I want the all collection! (*^o^*) there so many figures of Puella Magi, so I have to try hard to find the ones of this series.. I'm not to sure to buy them online.. I hate customs tax and on Europe site I think the price was higher.. 
Sooner or later, I will show you my whole collection, I swear! (≧∇≦)