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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 5 ~ My wardrobe turnover

Hello everyone!
This week I'm gonna talk about my wardrobe turnover.
Actually I didn't sold many dresses, but my chess chocolate set made me earn a lot of money!
I spent so much too when I bought it and it was a pity because it was one of mine dream dress. But even if you love a dress doesn't mean it fits you well! I realized that I feel comfortable with floral print or solid color dress.
In this regard yesterday I bought Sweetie Violet jsk in pink.
It isn't my first choice, but if I will find the lavender one day, I'll buy it too surely! :D And to be honest I want even the OP (somebody save me!)
So, my wardrobe didn't change at all, even if I liked classic early, I bought only a classic dress so I didn't sell anything!
I'm sorry, this entry isn't very interesting!
I hope next week will be better! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casual Lolita and Shopping in a rainy day

Hello everyone! Today is an ugly rainy day, as usual on Sunday lately!
I really wanted to wear one of my lolita dress and despite of the weather, I did it!
So this was my outfit!
And my hairstyle! Now that my hair are quite long I love to use flowers to keep them in order!
I really like them! I don't know even how I made them! :D

So my outfit is made by:
Dress: Angelic Pretty - Pure Lady jsk
Jacket: Offbrand
Thighs: H&M
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Bag: Carpisa
Flowers: H&M

Once at home, I decided to cut the bangs of my Lockshop wig. I was afraid to make a big mess, but I think it came fairly well, isn't it?

I'm sooo~ cute in this photo!! ahahaha!
See you soon guys!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 4 ~ Favorite thing to put on my head

Hello everyone! This week is soooo~ easy for me!
What do you guess I prefer on my head?? Flowers of course!!
I really love the classic and elegant touch they give, the adaptability to every lolita style.
I like bows too and this is my little collection of headdresses!

Everythings by H&M except the last red flowers and the sax/yellow bows by Accessorize

First row: made by myself
Second row: Surface Spell and Angelic Pretty
Third Row: Accessorize

First row: H&M and Accessorize
Second row: H&M kids and Accessorize
Third row: Angelic Pretty

I hope to increase my skills and be able one day to make beautiful headdresses by myself. In this regard, I've bought these

because I want to try to make an ott headdress for my Little Bird Symphonia!
I hope to make it right!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Happy heart day! I'm not so happy lately. I realized I have serious problems. First of all, at work we have some troubles. Probably we will close soon nut nobody tell us clearly, so we're stating in doubt. It's a horrible solituation because I don't know if hold on till the end or give up. My colleague's contract is expired so I have to make more hours, but the extra time is paid less than regular ones. I'm so tired of this situation.
This weekend angelic pretty sweetie violet comes out. I was so stupid and misunderstood the hours of the release. I missed it, and now I'm really obsessed with it. I'm not talking for talking. I'm REALLY obsessed with this fucking dress. The thought ruins my Easter, the weekend with my boyfriend, my last days.. I don't know what to do.. I don't understand why but I check mbok and yahoo japan every 2 hours.. I'm starting to think I need help seriously. I'm not a psychology but there is surely a seriously reason behind my obsession.

And for add sadness to sadness, I realized that I consider friends the characters of my favorite manga. Such a pity.. I haven't real friends right now, I've lost everyone, and to be honest not for my fault. I have my boyfriend, it's true, but this is not good for me, I need female friends, for share girly things and talk about all the things "I can't" chat with my boy..  
It's really frustrating all this. I'm not at school anymore and I can't figure out how can I make new friends. Almost every girl of my age has old friends and it's too difficult for my nature trying to enter in a consolidated company.

I just wanna escape, find myself, try to understand what I want for my future and follow my way. I feel like a stupid little insignificant girl.

I'm so sorry for this post, I shouldn't write it but I really need it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 3 ~ What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Hello everyone!
How are you? Here I am again for this 52 weeks challenge!
This week I'm quite in difficult, because I don't have a "Lolita lifestyle", to be honest this year I wore lolita just one time (shame on meeee!) so even if I follow all news and update, know where and how to buy, I'm starting to think about myself like an "half-lolita".
As said before, I love to keep myself  informed about events, new prints/release, new indie brand, coordinates. But the most thing I preferred is look for "the big deal", so I checked egl sales, mbok, lacemarket, closetchild and more!
Unfortunately, I'm not a very quiet person, and acting if I was, it would make me feel fake, so even if I try to be more peaceful, you surely will not see me like a super cute and princely lolita!
There'are only few "rules" I follow:
1. Be kind
2. Be honest
3. Be polite

These simply rules should be follow not only in lolita obviously, and I try everyday to do it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Divergent the movie

Hi Divergents!
Are you ok?
Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to see Divergent. Since I knew that the movie would be released this week, I've read the book in 4 days more or less for be ready to go to the cinema.
It would be better see the movie before, to spare themselves the disappointment of the film adaptation, but guys, I love to be the "spoiler-girl" that in every scene whispers "hey, actually in the book.."
I think my boyfriend hates me!! Initially he wasn't interested in Divergent, but he kindly went with me!
Anyway, we wanted to see it at 19.15. At 19,40 they told us that the there were problems and the showing was deleted. I was just like... "what?!?!?!" but they were very kind and left us the choice to change movie, see it later or take a coupon for come back another day. We choose to see it at 21.30 since we wanted to see it yesterday.
As usual I prefer the book! The movie is really well done, but I didn't appreciate all the small (and big!) changes. I know that it's impossible do exactly the same also because in the movie would sound weird listening all the thoughts of the protagonist, especially in cases like this in which the book is written in first person. But a lot of scenes, imo, could have been more faithful, like the Tris final exam.
The cast was.. well.. low budget?! Aside Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley the rest is not very famous or so talented.. I imagined them prettier! XD Oviously it's my opinion, and I hope to change my mind!
Not movie related, but yesterday I wore casual lolita after looong time!
This is my super-simple outfit
Jsk - Angelic Pretty
Bolero - Bodyline
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Tights -Calzedonia
Shoes - OVS
Head accessory - H&M

So, I've said enough I think! I'd love to hear your impression about Divergent if you have seen!
See ya!! ♥

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 2 ~ 5 movies for Lolitas

Hello everyone!
This week is movie-time! As said before in 30 days lolita challenge, I think that movies/songs/books are not related to lolita.. it's all about clothes, is not a lifestyle!
But if I have to, I think romantic and animation movies are absolutely the best!

This is my top 5:

1 ~ Hayao Miyazaki - Howl's Moving Castle [trailer here]
2 ~ Hayao Miyazaki - Spirited Away [trailer here]
  3 ~ Pride and Prejudice [I think all versions are good! Here is the Joe Wright one and here Simon Langton one! (sorry for the bad quality I can't find one better!] 

4 ~ Any movie by Pixar! I ♥ them!

5 ~ LOTR a must-see even if is not romantic or animation!!  

See ya next week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - because it'n never enough! - 1 ~ 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

Hello everyone!
I realized that for keeping writing my blog I need a guide, so a challenge is perfect! This one is one year long! :D

52 weeks Lolita Challenge
  1.  5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style
  2.  5 movies for Lolitas
  3.  What my own Lolita lifestyle is like 
  4.  Favorite thing to put on my head
  5.  My wardrobe turnover
  6.  My favorite Lolita brand
  7.  Why I wear Lolita?
  8.  Why don't I wear Lolita more often?
  9.  5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style
  10.  How I first found out about Lolita
  11.  3 trends I wish would come back
  12.  Combining other fashions with Lolita
  13.  Lolitas I have met in real life
  14.  Lolitas I would love to meet
  15.  3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita
  16.  10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe
  17.  My first meetup
  18.  Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love
  19.  Trends I thought I loved, but now I'm not too keen on
  20.  How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe
  21.  Plan for a trip! A week's worth of Lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase
  22.  How I accessorize
  23.  What influences my Lolita style
  24.  What's in my makeup bag
  25.  Best places to wear Lolita
  26.  How I get out of a wardrobe slump
  27.  Purses that I love
  28.  Bloomers or no bloomers?
  29.  Lolitafying things in my everyday life
  30.  How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe
  31.  Impulse buys that were totally worth it
  32.  My best deal
  33.  Something that I made
  34.  Wardrobe blunders! Things I bought that I ended up regretting!
  35.  What I thought when I got my first real piece of Lolita
  36.  Nails to match my favorite looks
  37.  Something that's not my style, but I love anyways
  38.  Favorite hair style
  39.  Most versatile Lolita item I own
  40.  5 inspirational fictional characters
  41.  Fondest meetup memory
  42.  The ways in which I fit the cliche
  43.  The ways in which I do not fit the cliche
  44.  How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions
  45.  Something that was a gift
  46.  Parasols: Vital or frivolous?
  47.  The item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get
  48.  My "signature" outfit
  49.  My favorite Lolita print
  50.  What's in my closet, but I haven't worn yet!
  51.  Predict the next Lolita trend!
  52.  How Lolita has changed me

Week one: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

1 - A good and puffy petticoat! A lolita dress is not lolita without the right puffiness!
2 - Comfy but cute shoes/boots. You can surely choose a pair is not by a Lolita brand, the world is full of cute shoes! I love teaparties! 
3 - Bloomers is-the-way! I hate sitting without wearing bloomers or tights! And they keep you warm and hygienically protected when you sit on the ground or in a public place.
4 - Head piece, whatever you want but you NEED at least one! I love roses and bow and Btssb ones!
5 - A bag in the main color of your wardrobe. If you keep one color as principal, one good bag in this color is enough for all your coord!

See ya next week with the 52WLC!