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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lovely Puppies looking for a new home! ♥

Hello everyone!
As I promised this is my report of my yesterday adventure!!

We went out home at 9 in the morning. I had to print my ticket and the road to the airport is quite long.
My dog Prisca accompanied me!
Prisca sleeping in the car
I was a little bit scared. Travel with 10 puppies could be scary if you don't know what to do!!
The flight to Palermo was fine. I looked out the windows and played to Animal Crossing (I finally got the gold shovel!!). The flight lasted an hour and a half more or less but it seemed to me more fast.

The amazing view out of the window

Once arrived in Palermo I looked for the two girls that who gave me the puppies. It was so easy find them, 2 big kennels and 2 dogs in leash.
I was so excited about the thing that I was going to do, so I didn't make a lot of photos of them!
I talked with S. and M. and they explained me how awful is the situation for the stray dogs in Sicily then we went to make the check in. It took too long, no one of the two ladies at the desk knew how to do the check in for the two kennels. Once they made it, we returned out the airport for a little walk with the puppies.
Lapo and Ines

Roger and Ines

Lapo looking his sister and trying to sleeping on my legs
I have 6 cats and a dog but a puppy is always something special, they are so sweet, lovely and happy.
Time has flown and I was on the plane again, but this time with two puppies. They cried a lot in row for boarding, but after I sat in my seat, I opened a little the kennel for make them breath better and caressed them to calm them down.
Perla, the female, munched my wrist for 5 minutes, then she fell asleep on my hand. Her brother was sleeping so peacefully, he was spectacular.
Perla finally sleeping!
Black sleeping peacefully
So that it is comfortable!

A little girl that noticed them in row, got up for searching me on the plane and tried to caress the two puppies!!
It absolutely was the best flight in my life. The seat near me was empty but I decided to keep them on my legs to keep us company each others. Those little noses stole my heart, I really wanted that the little Perla come home with me, even if I knew it was really impossible.

After landed I went to take the rest of my gang. The baggage handlers have abandoned the two kennels as a valueless package. Luckily the lady of the lost&found helped me! She was so kind and even thanked me for what I was doing for those dogs!
Once in Milan I had to say goodbye at the puppies.. 
I was really moved and I shed a few tears.
I truly hope they will find a great new family full of love and affection.

It was a great experience, I never thought it would be so touching, but I'm glad that I had the possibility to make it. I crossed twice the whole Italy in less than 10 hours and I would do it every day if I knew to give to those puppies a better life.

Here more pictures of the puppies who traveled with me, photos not made by me but by the Sicilian volunteer which housed the dogs until yesterday.
Roger and Spillo. They were so frightened. I wish they will find a family full of love.
Lapo and Ines

Lia, the mother
Tango and Zac

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm back! Job less and with a new adventure!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for so long! My internet connection crashed and blogger on phone is absolutely awful!

There are few change in my life.. My workplace has closed and now I'm without job. It quite annoying to stay at home, I thought to have a lot of things to do, but laziness catch me and I spend the most of my time doing nothing. I'm happy to have a connection now, I really hope to update this blog more often even if my topics are less!
But I have one news!! Tomorrow I have to go in Palermo for take 3 lovely dogs that found an home here in lombardia! I'm quite excited! This is the first time I take the plane by my own and little bit scary to left the dogs in the aircraft hold..
I will write something for sure tomorrow!!

Ps: I will going on with the challenge!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 11 ~ 3 trends I wish would come back

In lolita fashion trends change soo fast and so constantly.
This year, for exemple at Enchanted, you could see a lot of OTT headdress for both Classic or Sweet or the use of the tights insted of otk or ankle socks!

But which old trend I wish would come back?

1 ~ Otk and ankle sock in sweet lolita
well, otks are not out of fashion already, but I hope they will not become it! Tights are so comfortable but I socks like ankle socks or otks seems to cute to me for sweet!

2 ~ Country Lolita and other substyles
I like mostly hime, country and sailor and lately this styles are disappearing IMO and it's such a pity :(

3 ~ Rectangular Headdress
I never worn one of these just because my hair was not suitable for this accessory, but I love to see them!
I hope to catch one someday or make it! It's one of easier accessory you can make!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

52 weeks Lolita Challenge - 10 ~ How I first found out about Lolita

Hello everyone!
Do you trust me if I'll say you I really don't remember how I found out about lolita?? D:
Seriously, I think I found a picture of AP or MM on Google and from it, starting to looking for others pictures.

Once understand what kind of fashion was, I joined the Italian community.
There were a lot of information, for a newbie it was a goldmine of information! Then I discovered the existence of the EGL comm and I started officially to interested about buying some pieces!

My wardrobe grow so slowly,  I have really few pieces even if I started to buy 2 years ago!
But I understand that I prefer buying few pieces but that I really like instead of a lot of cute pieces that I don't dislike!

This entry was really.. boring! sorry I don't have a thrilling story!
Hoping next week will be better!!
See ya!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lockshop Luckypack review - the sad story of my misfortune and how they fill my pack with discounted items nobody else wanted

Hi everyone!
This is the really sad story about my misfortune and how my "lucky"pack was a disappointment.
First of all, shipping was super fast and super precise, nothing to say about it!
As I said few post before, I chose "Surprise me" option, but I meant not in negative way!!
3 of 4 items was one on sale on the site.. Quite unfair IMHO
So what I found?

The only thing I like is the Rosenrot Tights - Royal Ribbon even if is quite eccentric for my usual taste,
The cascade with that awful bangs.. brrr!
The other 2 items aren't so bad, but I don't like them anyway! Everything but the Mermaid is on sale on the site.. To me it seems like they want to get rid of this "no-one-wants-item" putting them in the pack.. Alternatively I'm really the unluckiest person in the world!
And also the nacklace arrived broken..
The wigs are for sale, 18 € each plus ss and pp fee and the necklace 5 € + ss and pp fee
I really hope to find a new home for this babies!