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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm back! Job less and with a new adventure!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for so long! My internet connection crashed and blogger on phone is absolutely awful!

There are few change in my life.. My workplace has closed and now I'm without job. It quite annoying to stay at home, I thought to have a lot of things to do, but laziness catch me and I spend the most of my time doing nothing. I'm happy to have a connection now, I really hope to update this blog more often even if my topics are less!
But I have one news!! Tomorrow I have to go in Palermo for take 3 lovely dogs that found an home here in lombardia! I'm quite excited! This is the first time I take the plane by my own and little bit scary to left the dogs in the aircraft hold..
I will write something for sure tomorrow!!

Ps: I will going on with the challenge!

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