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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lockshop Luckypack review - the sad story of my misfortune and how they fill my pack with discounted items nobody else wanted

Hi everyone!
This is the really sad story about my misfortune and how my "lucky"pack was a disappointment.
First of all, shipping was super fast and super precise, nothing to say about it!
As I said few post before, I chose "Surprise me" option, but I meant not in negative way!!
3 of 4 items was one on sale on the site.. Quite unfair IMHO
So what I found?

The only thing I like is the Rosenrot Tights - Royal Ribbon even if is quite eccentric for my usual taste,
The cascade with that awful bangs.. brrr!
The other 2 items aren't so bad, but I don't like them anyway! Everything but the Mermaid is on sale on the site.. To me it seems like they want to get rid of this "no-one-wants-item" putting them in the pack.. Alternatively I'm really the unluckiest person in the world!
And also the nacklace arrived broken..
The wigs are for sale, 18 € each plus ss and pp fee and the necklace 5 € + ss and pp fee
I really hope to find a new home for this babies!

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