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Friday, May 9, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Disney Coordinates!

Hello everyone!
This is my first entry for LBC and I'm so excited!!

I choose for Disney Coordinates Cinderella! I really loved her, I knew the movie by heart!
There are a lot of prints about her fairytale, as almost all the Princesses, but I prefer a solid sax dress as she has!
Btssb has more princely dress, but my fav brand is AP so I'll try to make a coord with their dresses!
Let's start with the dress! 
Nostalgic Doll OP
This dress seems really soft! Chiffon dresses are the best and is delicate like Cinderella!

Shoes should be made by crystal, but let's pretend this white sandals are made of it!
Princess Pearl Sandals
Glittery Ribbon Head Bow

To be honest Cinderella has only the headband and the choker but I want to make a full lolita coord! So..
Sparkle Heart Shoulder Bag
Lacy Rose Otk - good stock photo AP, so good! :P
Day Dream Carnival Ribbon Choker
Day Dream Carnival Ring
Princess Victoria Wrist Cuffs 

Here we are! This is my simple Cinderella Outfit! I don't like OTT coord and Cinderella is so simple for one of it!

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  1. la prima immagine non mi si vede x_x ma il resto... molto originale come coord ♥

    1. grazie ho sistemato!! al momento mi erano venuti in mente un sacco di cose ma poi davanti al pc .. *fieno che rotola*! รจ stato un parto! XD

  2. I love your coord, I also did a Cinderella one ^__^

  3. I think your Cinderella themed outfit is just perfect.