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Friday, May 16, 2014

LBC: Your favorite three pairs of shoes for Lolita

Good Friday to everyone!!
Today for Lolita Blog Carnival I'm gonna show you my three favorite lolita shoes!

Start by saying that I love shoes! Every kind, with every heels, in every material!
But let's start!

1~ Teaparty shoes
I want them in every color but pink matches with all my closet so I bought this color first! I think teaparty go with every style, even classic and gothic sometimes. They are so comfy, the heels are the right height for a walk, not too low, not too high.
As you can see, mine are by secretshop, but I hope to be able to buy the original one by Angelic Pretty!

2~Bodyline 274
Best Bodyline shoes ever! As well as being comfortable, they are very well made! Never thought the quality of this pair was this level! As usual, I want in others colors! Anyway, you can read my review [here]

3~ Jewel Ribbon
The quality of AP shoes is amazing, especially compared to the other ones! However, I bought them for RRL and I'm so happy that now they matches my incoming Sweetie Violet because they are my only dresses that have lavender in the print! You can read the review [here], there is also a pic worn! Did I already say I want to buy other colors for this one too? :D
Thanks a lot for reading my post
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